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Practice week Camerano

Ruben and Annelien get to know the track
May 25th-28th 2015

In the last week of May I went to Italy by car together with my dad for a week of practice in Camerano at the World Championship track. After a nice trip with stops in legendary places like Monza, Maranello, Imola and Misano, we first made it to the track on Monday.

A day later we picked up my sister Annelien and my 90 year old grandfather from the airport in Ancona, a larger city close to Camerano. In the next 4 days we drove a couple of heats a day to get familiar with the powerful shifter karts and the track. It was awesome to drive with those karts again since the Belgian Indoor Kart Championship earlier this year. The track was very nice, with just over 50 seconds a nice lenght for KWC although overtaking seemed to be rather difficult.

150526 pgk

The practice went quite well, despite we didn't really have a good comparison, we left Camerano with a really good feeling at the end of the week, we were already able to drive consistent lap times. The locals didn't talk English that well, but they were very very helpful which made us feel very welcome. I am already looking forward to the start of the World Cup, I can't wait to come back here in a few weeks.