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Dutch Open Kartchallenge

Ruben after 3 titles beaten for the first time in DOK
Roosendaal, June 3rd & 4th 2017

In the first weekend of June 2017 the 4th edition of the Dutch Open Kart Challenge took place on a brand-new circuit at Kart Centre Roosendaal. With more than 100 participants divided in several different categories a great weekend was waiting for us. Besides the main senior category with 60 drivers there were many other interesting battles to watch, resulting in the new kids champion Wouter Poleij, Junior champion Guillermo van Pamelen, Heavy weight champion Willem van Oosterhout.

2017 dok 3 junioren guillermo van pamelen

For my championship I had to drive 5 qualifier rounds on 90kg, with a single lap qualification and one pitstop required during the race. An additional point was granted for both pole position and fastest racelap. I felt very comfortable on the new track and on the first day I was never really challenged and could take home 3 times the maximum score, so I was very satisfied about day 1, while Rico Haarbosch did the same and some other guys were also still close in the ranking. On day 2 I was challenged much more during my heats by Romano Franssen, Mats de Jong and Lorenzo Stolk. With 2 average karts I was able to score pole position and victory twice, however I did not manage to grab also the fastest racelap with these karts. As Rico did so, he was one point ahead of me heading into the semi-finals. As we were placed first and second in the classification we were not in the same semi-finale and therefore we would meet only in the big final, a shame but that was how it was. In my semi-final I had to settle for second position for the first time as Selina drove a very strong race and took victory over me by a few seconds, I was now 4 points down on Rico as he capitalised on some hard battles during his race and drove easily to another first place. We then drove a shoot-out qualification for the big final, all finalists in the same kart one lap. It was very very close and when it was my turn Lorenzo set the best time thus far.

2017 dok 5 edyta

My lap was not excellent, but luckily it was the fastest so far, with only Rico still to come. Top 5 in the shoot-out received extra points and the kart pick would be based on the starting order as well, so this was crucial. Rico did not make any mistakes and beat my time by 0.03 seconds, so close but it was Rico with the first kart pick. In the first laps of the race I could stay with him as he was defending, on my tail was Lorenzo trying to overtake me. For me the only goal was to score the title, but after Rico pulled away a few kart lengths I knew with this kart I had to focus on securing my second place in the final race. Lorenzo was close all race long but I was able to stay in front of him after the 2 pitstops we had to make. After 5 victories and 2 2nd places it was quite a good weekend for me, but unfortunately not enough to score a 4th consecutive DOK title. But Rico was a well-deserved successor and I want to congratulate him for a very strong weekend. I hope next year we face each other more often before the final race so we can battle it out on the circuit. 3rd place went to ladies champion Selina, who just scored enough points to hold of Lorenzo and became the first female driver to end up on the final podium, very well done! All in all it was a great weekend on the new track and nicely organised by the kart track.

2017 dok 7 senioren