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My motivation: I want to use my own muscles to collect money for children for who sport is less obvious due to a muscular system disease!

My campaign: On Saturday May 29 I will try to obtain as many Strava Crowns as possible in 24 hours by running in different places across the Netherlands. You can donate an amount per crown I capture on that day, for example €0,25 of €1,00, if you like with a maximum amount. You can also donate a fixed amount. My goal is to take at least 40 crowns. The collected money will go to the Spieren voor Spieren foundation.

About Spieren voor Spieren: The Spieren voor Spieren foundation raises money for children with a muscular system disease. The money is used for scientific research to improve fast diagnosis, effective treatment and innovative health care, so that these children can sport (again) as well!

About Strava: Strava is an app for athletes often used by runners and cyclists who sport with GPS tracking. Strava provides the opportunity to compete with other athletes by putting down a time on a segment. A segment is a specific route, which can vary from a sprint of a couple of hundred meters to longer courses of multiple kilometers. The fastest man and woman on a segment own the crown of that segment. During my challenge I will run on existing segments across the Netherlands where a minimum of 10 athletes already competed before 29 May. You can follow my Strava profile via this link: I will upload my activities during the day in different parts.

My own contribution: I will donate €5 per crown to Spieren voor Spieren with a minimum amount of €100.

My plan: With a training total of over 1250 running kilometers this year, I'm physically well prepared for my challenge. I will start around midnight and will run on as many different places as possible, taking on segments which are mainly between 1 and 2 kilometer per time. In the meantime, I will try to rest, eat and drink to keep enough energy to run fast times for 24 hours. On Saturday I will be supported by Hotel Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel-A2 where I can take a break and refill my energy level!

How can you contribute: Do you also want to help children with a muscular system disease to sport again, let me know by leaving a message before May 29 on my Spieren voor Spieren page with the amount per crown you want to contribute (if you like with a maximum amount). You can also send me a message via Facebook, email, Instagram or WhatsApp. I will update you on the result on 30 June and send you a payment request via my Spieren voor Spieren page. You can obviously also donate a fixed amount already via my Spieren voor Spieren page in case that is your preferred option.

During the day I will also post some video updates on my Instagram and Facebook account!

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

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