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12 hours Hurricane Dolhain Karting

Ruben takes victory with Bluestar Racing Team
Dolhain, November 21st 2015

1511-21 hurricane

On Saturday 21st of November 2015 the 12 hours of Hurricane Dolhain Karting was planned in Belgium, a track I never drove before. With a total of 14 drivers Bluestar Racing Team entered this race in 4 different teams. I first raced with the Belgium Bluestar team during the 2009 World Championship in Brazil where we won the Team World Championship. In the years after I regularly joined the team for some majors races, resulting in many fantastic memories like our Team World Title in Italy this year and a 24 hours win in Brussels earlier this year. Today I drove for Bluestar 1 alongside reigning world champ Mathias Grooten and Yoan Medart, also part of our winning team in Italy and local driver in Dolhain, a top line up. With 16 teams one hour free practice started, for me the perfect opportunity to got to know the track. After practice I was happy with my pace close to the fastest locals. Yoan did the hotlap qualifying and scored pole position! The race started at noon, minimum weight was 85kg and all teams had to make 16 kart changes so that every team would drive every single kart.

151121 12h dolhain bluestar racing team kopie (1)

The field included some very strong teams and many world championship participants. Some international teams from (amongst others) Germany and France brought some very strong drivers on track, like former vice world champion (2011) Maximilian Beer. We divided our 12 hours in 6 stints of approximately 2 hours. During the race we were often in the lead, but closely chased by the Outsiderds and the Bluestar Junior team which took the lead a couple of times. After 10 hours the top 3 was still within 10 seconds, which is amazing and also thanks to the small kart differences. The organisation was very good, kart changes went smoothly and blue flags were during the whole race when needed. We were quite nervous with only a few hours to go, because victory was far from sure yet, but we all drove very consistent stints and Mathias then had our best kart in the 11th hour. He pulled away from teams 2 and 3 and build up a lead of more than 30 seconds. Meanwhile he also grabbed fastest race lap.

151121 12h dolhain ruben vlag kopie

Driving for Bluestar is always a pleasure, the team is known for its real friendship and teamspirit between all the drivers. Furthermore driving alongside these teammates which drive at such a high level, makes you better as a driver as well, you will push to the limit every single lap! I drove the last 1 and a half hour to finish the race, and increased our advantage to a full lap while Bluestar Junior and Outsiders fought for 2nd place. After 12 hours we took a glorious victory, a very very nice first race for me at Dolhain and stepping on top of the podium felt really good. Thanks a lot to all my Bluestar mates for the awesome day, and also thanks to Kinepolis for the sponsoring. Congratulations to the number 2 and 3 finishers, some (young) very talented drivers certainly showed their skills today. A final compliment goes to the organizer and his team, I’m already looking forward to a next race here in Dolhain.

151121 12h dolhain podium