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Rental Kart Masters Eupen

Ruben just misses out on top 3
Eupen, March 25/26 2016

The first ever edition of the Rental Kart Masters was organised on Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th by Karting Eupen in Belgium. The number of competitors was a little bit disappointing, with almost 40 people it was not completely what the track has hoped for. The organisation was flawless, like we are used in Eupen, but a big compliment has to be made to Karting Eupen and Evelien Bonneux. Every driver drove 10 races with 10 different kart, every race had a different set up as there was variant in the number of pitstops you had to make and the number of shortcuts you were allowed to take. Despite only 28 drivers in the main 80kg class, the level of drivers was really high. The start of the first day went very well for me with 3 consecutive wins in the reversed direction, all including extra 0.5 points for fastest lap and pole position. In the 4th race I was unlucky to draw the only very bad kart in the pack, resulting in an 11th position. Luckily we were able to drop 2 races out of the first 9. In race 5 I ended 2nd after a nice battle with Christian Douven, Guillaume Germis and Dutch Value teammate Rico Haarbosch, one of my 3 main opponents.


The other 2, Dutch Romano Franssen (3rd at IKWC 2008) and Belgian Simon Delvenne were particularly strong on the second day when we drove the normal layout. Both drivers race very often in Eupen and Rico and I had to give everything to keep up with them. I had not the best groups when I drew some mediocre karts in race 6, 7 and 8, causing me to score only 3rd, 5th and another 5th. Especially that last one hurt, because due to the bad kart yesterday I couldn’t drop this one now. Hereby I dropped in the ranking from 1st to 4th going in into the final after I scored my fourth victory in race 9. Delvenne made some really nasty moves on Rico during round 9, but it remained unpunished by the race direction, which did apart from a few small mistakes a very good job. In the final it was between Romano, Simon, Rico and me and Simon won the race with a very good kart. This was not enough for him to beat Rico in the end, who, despite finishing 4th in the final, was able to become the first Rental Kart Master!! Romano took a very well deserved 3rd spot on the podium while I ended up 4th, only a few points down on first place after scoring a nice 3rd in the big final. I’m looking forward to next year’s edition, this definitely is an event to stay!