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Actie Spieren voor Spieren

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My motivation: I want to use my own muscles to collect money for children for who sport is less obvious due to a muscular system disease!

My campaign: On Saturday May 29 I will try to obtain as many Strava Crowns as possible in 24 hours by running in different places across the Netherlands. You can donate an amount per crown I capture on that day, for example €0,25 of €1,00, if you like with a maximum amount. You can also donate a fixed amount. My goal is to take at least 40 crowns. The collected money will go to the Spieren voor Spieren foundation.

About Spieren voor Spieren: The Spieren voor Spieren foundation raises money for children with a muscular system disease. The money is used for scientific research to improve fast diagnosis, effective treatment and innovative health care, so that these children can sport (again) as well!

About Strava: Strava is an app for athletes often used by runners and cyclists who sport with GPS tracking. Strava provides the opportunity to compete with other athletes by putting down a time on a segment. A segment is a specific route, which can vary from a sprint of a couple of hundred meters to longer courses of multiple kilometers. The fastest man and woman on a segment own the crown of that segment. During my challenge I will run on existing segments across the Netherlands where a minimum of 10 athletes already competed before 29 May. You can follow my Strava profile via this link: I will upload my activities during the day in different parts.

My own contribution: I will donate €5 per crown to Spieren voor Spieren with a minimum amount of €100.

My plan: With a training total of over 1250 running kilometers this year, I'm physically well prepared for my challenge. I will start around midnight and will run on as many different places as possible, taking on segments which are mainly between 1 and 2 kilometer per time. In the meantime, I will try to rest, eat and drink to keep enough energy to run fast times for 24 hours. On Saturday I will be supported by Hotel Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel-A2 where I can take a break and refill my energy level!

How can you contribute: Do you also want to help children with a muscular system disease to sport again, let me know by leaving a message before May 29 on my Spieren voor Spieren page with the amount per crown you want to contribute (if you like with a maximum amount). You can also send me a message via Facebook, email, Instagram or WhatsApp. I will update you on the result on 30 June and send you a payment request via my Spieren voor Spieren page. You can obviously also donate a fixed amount already via my Spieren voor Spieren page in case that is your preferred option.

During the day I will also post some video updates on my Instagram and Facebook account!

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

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Total 25 hours Eupen

BlueStar shines in the prime endurance race of the year
Eupen (Be), 25-27 September 2020

It’s the 25th of September 2020, I close my laptop after a long week of working, I pull on my BlueStar shirt and step into my car, Flitsmeister open, navigation on, destination: Karting Eupen. I quickly check if I have my face mask on board, the object which seems more important than your karting helmet these days when going to a race. From code yellow to orange to red from Belgium to Holland and vice versa, I heard them all this week. But for me the one and only color this weekend is blue, the blue of my Belgian BlueStar friends with whom I will participate in the 15th edition of the 25 hours of Eupen! A race many indoor kart drivers would love to win, and a race which is feared by many because of the tough physical conditions. On the way to Belgium I picked up my friend Eliano de Vos who will make his debut in the 25 hours of Eupen this weekend for the Dutch/Belgian formation of Blue-Vanquish. As we close in on the Belgian border, we make a quick stop at our favorite haute-cuisine fastfood restaurant symbolised with a large yellow/red M. Would it really be code red?

200927 25h bluestar
200927 25h jos titou (1)

We make the bet, cross the border and when I saw the big smile on the face of Titou Sougné I knew I made the right decision, arrive a Eupen! No handshake these time but a fist bump, a what? I made my way to the briefing where organiser Evelien Bonneux and race director Regis Bovy gave the team captains and some interested drivers the last information. Every hour another briefing, in four different languages, it underlines the professionalism of the organisation and the international character of the event. After the briefing we had 2 and a half hour practice, where I first drove the new track. After my first session, my French-speaking teammate Logan Sougné showed me how to really drive the track, beating my time by some margin. I had to improve my speed and luckily I did so, giving me confidence for the race of tomorrow as I knew from the past years that Logan is always a good benchmark in Eupen. Helmet off, face mask on and direction of family Sougné where I stayed over for the night! A friendly hug when seeing our small BlueStar fan Darcy again and then it was time to take some rest in preparation of the big race!

200927 25h yoan

26 September 2020, drivers Opnithi Puyato, Romano Franssen, Yoan Medart, Logan Sougné, Christian Douven and Ruben Boutens are called for the team photo, together with our motivators and team captains Gregory Laporte and Mellanie Motz we pose for the picture. Face masks on, flash, face masks off for a seco, flash, the picture you secretly prefer but the one you should not show on Social Media. Back to the pitlane where Greg called the team together. With the rule book under his arm he stresses the important items in the regulation, no matter the past successes we have had here, we should push in every stint and not underestimate any of our rivals. We are all six ready, dressed up in blue and motivated like never before. Christian does the qualification, takes third spot, the clock starts ticking, we have 24 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds to go. Christian together with Logan are two of our drivers which are setting the pace at Eupener Karting in the past years, and so he did again in the first hour of the race by taking the lead, our rivals being not far behind.

200927 25h romano

Every hour we are called in for a kart change, 25 stints for every team with 25 different karts, a fair system. Fifteen teams in the race this year, a bit less than previous years, partly because of the Covid-19 situation, but most of the top drivers are present and there is little space for mistakes. The second hour is mine and I do the first of 8 mandatory stints on 95 kg (instead of 85 kg) with a good kart. After ten minutes I hear via the radio: “You are the fastest on track” from my teammates, a confidence booster and I push for every tenth of a second. The level of grip is increasing and the track gets faster and faster. Logan takes over and drives strong laptimes as well. One of our rivals has a look at the side of the track and notices Logan is driving with the fluor yellow bracelet indicating he is on 95 kg as well, a small mental uppercut. Yoan is with his 28 years our oldest driver this year (similar to Romano and me by the way) and he prepared very well for this year’s edition, which was clearly visible in his first stint. A real team player and already a top rental kart driver for more than a decade. I remember us fighting in the final of the 2011 world championship in Eupen as well, a few hundred meters from here and now 9 years later we are still pushing each other to the next level, now as teammates.

200927 25h ruben

Despite our strong laptimes thus far, we are closely chased by the German team of PF Racing, including world class drivers as Marc Schings, reigning world champion Michael Schöttler and vice-world champion Dennis Höller who was flying to the fastest lap in the race during the first half of the competition. Additionally, we were challenged by the Belgian team of Acuity Racing, dressed in brand new suits with strong drivers as Bart Paret, Cemil Yamizoglu and rising youngster Vica Schledz. Opnithi was our next driver, his debut in the A-team of BlueStar in this particular race, but already showed his great speed in many international races in the past years and there was no doubt in lining him up this time. Opnithi drove on 95kg as well and while Eupen was not his favorite track in the past, he was superfast this weekend. As he drove without gloves, we had to sanitise his entire kart after every stint according to the rules, which was a bit hilarious in the pitlane as our rivals taking over our kart where not too enthusiastic about the soapy steering wheel. Meanwhile Team Poland was raising some eyebrows as well, Adam Szydlowski and Artur Pel were not only fast, with a total driving time of close to ten hours they were far ahead of most other drivers as they lined up with only four drivers this weekend!

200927 25h finish

Sixth in line was Romano, a very humble guy with most likely the most impressive resume of our team if it comes to endurance races in Eupen. We were very happy to have Romano on board again this weekend, as he was part of our winning team in the past three editions as well. The level of grip further increased and that is something Romano knows how to deal with. After Romano I drove my second stint with another nice kart. When driving in Eupen I’m still inspired by one of my former BlueStar teammates with whom I won the 2011 edition of the 24 hours of Eupen, Kenny Geldhof. He was a master in putting in consistent laptimes every single lap while maximising the capabilities of the kart. Closing in on midnight it was not only counting down to Christian’s birthday and the cake of Jos Douven, we were also preparing for the direction change which is always a major strategic element in this race. As the leader in the race will be picked up by the pace kart, you do not want to be leading and rather spent a substantial amount of the minimum time you have to be in the pit. With 2 minutes to go the pit closed and more than half of the teams was in the pit, with PF Racing being the leader in the race.

200927 25h team spirit

When they left the pitbox, we knew what to do and Greg perfectly timed re-entering the track with Acuity behind us. Acuity however took a bit too much risk, as they were overtaken by Schöttler in the very last lap before the pace kart came out, which cost them almost a lap. We were spot on and gained more than 40 seconds on our two main rivals, for a moment we celebrated as if we already won the race, leaving behind our rivals looking somewhat disappointed. A few minutes later we reset our focus as we knew the race was far from over yet. I went to sleep for a couple of hours and when I came back I saw what I was hoping for, we increased our lead in the normal direction. It is a luxury position when you know you can put anyone from the team in the kart and be almost equally fast. Having no weak spots and increasing your advantage is what can demotivate competitors. We pulled away to over 2 and a half lap when going into the closing stages of the race. When we all did 4 hours of driving, it was up to Logan to finish the race. In his typical aggressive driving style he was once more impressive and was chasing a three-lap lead. In the very last lap he overtook PF Racing going three laps ahead, a great feeling to finish off the race like that, probably our biggest lead we ever had in Eupen!

200927 25h teamchef

Although I’m a great fan of individual races, this weekend was certainly a dream to be part of such strong team. Apart from the first place trophy, we were voted the team with the best team spirit by all other teams, a great honor. Gregory and Mellanie were rewarded with the best team chef trophy! Congratulations to the German team of PF Racing for their second place! For the third position a great battle between Acuity and Blue-Vanquish unfolded in the last hours of the race, which was won by Blue-Vanquish, a great performance of Eliano, Benjamin Kaivers, Jimmy Gaspard, Donovan van den Abbeel, Felix Ferir and Jordan Remels. In my 25th 24 (or 25) hour race, I took my 12th win, but the fourth win in a row with BlueStar in this 25 hour event was making it very special. I would like to thank my teammates, our supporters and parents and the organisation for a great race weekend!

200927 25h podium

Polish Indoor Kart Championship 2020

Ruben to sixth PIKC podium after crazy week
Szczecin (Pl), 29/30 August 2020

The 2020 kart season is one to remember, not because of the many races, but more because of loads of races being postponed or cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Polish Indoor Kart Championship was originally planned to be organised in April but was postponed twice and ultimately scheduled for the last weekend of August. I was looking forward to the PIKC 2020 a lot, like many other drivers. With some necessary precautions, including wearing of face masks and no crowd at the balcony or around the podium, the organisation was able to still organise a large international rental kart event. After driving a lot of miles in the weeks before, I decided to head to Szczecin already after the TKC race the weekend before in Grimma. I spent some nice time with friends in Poland before starting practice on Wednesday, unfortunately only on the indoor track as a result of the rain. I felt very comfortable on the track and did my last practice sessions already on Thursday early in the morning, and not without a reason!

200830 pikc 1

While most drivers arrived, I headed back to the Netherlands for a very special day, on Friday my sister was going to marry with Joris and that was a day I obviously couldn’t miss. After a fantastic day I stepped back in the car late in the evening on Friday together with my dad. We drove back overnight and I arrived in the morning well on time for my first of three races on Saturday. Not a very usual preparation and I knew it would be a challenging day without sleep. In my first race we had to qualify in one lap in the normal direction. The outside track was now open and I didn’t drive on it this week yet. Despite that, I qualified in 5th and was motivated to make the best out of the race. With some good overtakes and even a battle for the lead in the last lap of the race, I managed to finish the race in second place just behind my Dutch friend Romano Franssen and before the fast Hungarian driver Andras Gaal. A good start of the championship!

200830 pikc 2

From that moment, my day only became better. In the second race of the day I picked a very nice kart which helped me a lot in securing my first win of the championship over my BlueStar teammate Logan Sougne and Dutch friend Guillermo van Pamelen. In my third race of the day I had a pretty tough group, including former three times winner here in Poland, German Sebastian Papke. I was sharp in my qualification which was spot on and took the win in the race from there with Sebastian coming home in second. A great first day for me and I was happy I didn’t have a fourth race today as I was looking forward to my bed a lot. Luckily we were able to book a room last minute in Silver Hotel, a great facility and after a visit to the pool and sauna and a good dinner in the restaurant, my bed called me early today!

200830 pikc 3
200830 pikc 5

On Sunday morning I was waking up full of motivation to make the best out of day two, the day that really counts! In my fourth race I had a difficult group and a not so good kart. I was pushing hard to follow the top three guys having qualified outside the top three, and with a do or die move in the last corner I tried to steal the third place from Adam Szydlowski, betting on this race to being my drop result anyway. The move was too late and I was put back to fourth place, while Polish Michal Grzyb, the man who earlier this year dethroned me in the BRKC after 6 years, took the win over Sebastian Papke. In race five I also didn’t had the best kart draw, however my group was not the strongest of the weekend and I managed to score a good second place behind Belgian Yoan Medart and before Vica Schledz from Holland, one of the rising stars of Dutch indoor karting at the moment. From now on, kart draw was not really a big thing anymore, as the four semi-finals included a battle qualification where the winner of each battle could choose his or her kart to proceed. I felt very strong and beat all my rivals in the battles, taking some important points and the pole position.

200830 pikc 6200830 pikc 4

In the race I noticed quickly that I took the wrong decision in my last kart pick, as Yoan was able to follow me easily. With a smart undercut he jumped me in the race and the only thing I could do from that moment was follow as Yoan covered the inside well when he needed to. In his slipstream I could take an extra point for fastest lap, however second place did feel as a disappointing result in this race. The second place made me drop in the ranking to the fifth spot, as former world champion Rico Haarbosch was leading the pack a couple of points clear from three top drivers being Michal Grzyb, reigning world champion Michael Schöttler from Germany and Yoan Medart. I was shortly behind in 5th and everything was still open for the final podium. In the other categories the titles were taken by Mellanie Motz (best women) and Vica Schledz (best junior) from the Netherlands, and in the mini category it was Dawid Wisniewski from Poland who took home the biggest trophy, congratulations to all of you!!

200830 pikc 7

Then the big final, the all deciding race. In the battles I won my first two matches by some margin, including my direct rival for the podium, Yoan Medart who was strong again all weekend. Michael Schöttler and Michal Grzyb were out in the second round so that made me level them in points already. After having just won his first battle over Dutchman Christian Douven, Rico won his second battle comfortably and I was now facing him in round 3. I came just a little bit short to beat Rico like two years ago in the KWC final, but he moved on and took pole position before Sebastian Papke. I started the race in 3rd place and was chased from the start by Romano Franssen. An exciting race where Rico slowly pulled away from Sebastian and I just couldn’t follow Sebastian. Romano was on my bumper and behind him Michal Grzyb was charging hard. When Romano pitted he could close the gap to me. Meanwhile Schöttler and Medart both pitted already and were losing time. Outside it started to rain a little bit, further increasing the tension. It was between Michal and me for place 2 and 3, and the pitstop was decisive. Michal tried an undercut two laps before the finish, but in the lap after I came in and just made it in front of him again. A tight finish but I ended the race in third spot which gave me enough points to finish the championship on a very satisfying second place!

200830 pikc 10200830 pikc 8

Rico was the well-deserved, and first time, champion, big congratulations for a very strong weekend from him. For me climbing from 5th to 2nd in the final felt like a small victory, after such a crazy preparation, the second place meant a lot to me. After two championships and three third places in the past 6 years, I made it now to the podium for a 6th time, incredible. When I saw the other drivers on and next to the podium in the top 5, being Michal Grzyb in third, Sebastian Papke in 4th and Michael Schöttler in 5th, I realised how high the level of this championship is, year after year! It was a very special week with a very nice result. After one more night of sleep we drove back home on Monday. I would like to say thank you ever so much to the great PIKC organisation, even in Corona times they made it happen to organise a great event. Hope to see you all next year!

Photos: Photo Edith

200830 pikc 9

Indoor European Kart Challenge 2020

Ruben makes it onto the podium after tough draw
Middelburg, 22/23 February 2020

The fourth edition of the Indoor European Kart Challenge brought another incredible line up of drivers to Middelburg, Zeeland in the Netherlands. The track was changed again in the week before the championship and a lot of people were positive about the new lay-out. The weekend was very full with a maximum of ten races per driver and on Saturday morning we kicked off with the first of 7 preliminary rounds. I had a difficult draw on race one, with a lot of strong groups and some bad karts, but I was ready to fight for every position. In race one I finished second behind my BlueStar teammate Romano Franssen and before the strong Dutch local Marcel Kouijzer. In race 2, 3 and 4 I had very strong qualification laps which helped me winning all three of them, even while in race 3 and 4 I didn't have the best karts of the frontrunners. In my fifth race I had kart 13 which was one of the worst this weekend, but luckily my group was not super heavy and I managed to turn around a fifth starting position into a fourth finish place. So far this counted as my drop result, however in race 6 on Sunday morning I had kart 8 for the second time, which was also one of the worst karts.

200223 eikc logo

After day one I was very positive about my chances as I was leading the championship, just before some other super drivers like former world champion Rico Haarbosch from Holland and reigning world champion Michael Schöttler from Germany. Race 6 was very difficult, I drove the entire race in the midpack and despite driving faster laptimes than all other people in this kart, I couldn't finish higher than position 8 and that hurt a lot in the championship where I fell back to place 4. In race 7 I drew one of the best karts, in which I drove the fastest laptime of the weekend with 39.7, a difference of 0.8 seconds between this and the previous kart, which is huge. I was back on place 3 but like anyone else I needed a bit of luck in the draw for the quarter final and semi final where we just had to pick a ball from the bag. In line with earlier this weekend, I wasn't too lucky with a very difficult kart for the quarter final. In the race I tried a different tactic as before, waiting to go through the shortcut, which gave you an advantage of some one and a half second. But I got stuck in traffic pretty fast as some slower drivers already took the shortcut and I was forced to take the shortcut after a lap or 6 to not lose more time on the top 5 drivers. In the end of the race I could close the gap to German Thomas Schaller was who driving in fifth, but I was not abel to pass him anymore. Rico drove a very strong quarter final in his group, he won the race after overtaking poleman Joris Sturm, and set himself on pole position for the title.

Michael Schöttler was very unlucky as the qualification of his quarter final had to be done twice (like many times before this weekend), which cost him four places on the grid, while Rico benefitted in the same situation by jumping from 4 to 2. Guillermo van Pamelen is one of the young local drivers who is improving year by year and as he won his quarter final, he came into second place in the ranking, a big surprise for many drivers. In the semi final I faced Rico for the second time this weekend, but again it never became a real race between us as he drew the best kart in the pack while I had an average one. My qualification was super and I could start from place 2, but after the first corner I knew that this was also the best possible finish position as long as Rico wouldn't make any mistakes. Marcel Kouijzer fought for place three behind me with amongst others Mike Bartelen, that gave me some space and I could secure the second place, moving up in the ranking again to place three as Michael finished in the middle of the other semi final. Patrick Bakker, the 2018 champion dominantly won the second semi final and moved up to place 4 in the ranking, only one point behind me and one point in front of Michael on place 5.

200223 eikc track

For the final the karts were picked in the order of the ranking, so I had the third pick and knew I had a good kart. The starting order was determined by setting a single lap in the same kart in reversed order of the standings. When it was my turn it was Michael who put down the fastest time just before Dutch Danny van Domburgh. I didn't do a very good lap as I made a mistake in turn 3, but I took the provisional pole with 0.008. After me it was Guillermo with a very strong performance, beating my time by a tenth he proved to be a well deserved man in the top three, he looked very confident. Rico was the only one who could beat him, with a small margin, but he took control of the final, having the best kart and starting from pole. Given the difference of 9 points between Rico and me and 4.5 points between Guillermo and me, I knew it would not be easy to still climb, while I had Patrick and Michael close behind me in the ranking. Therefore I decided to go with Guillermo and not attack him to build up a gap to Michael. This worked out well, and the pace of Guillermo and me was very similar, while Rico was just a tad faster and secured his third IEKC title in the front of the field, a super strong performance from him. In the final an incredible field was driving including European top drivers like Christian Douven, Opnithi Puyato, Matts Breckpott, Romano Franssen and Eliano de Vos. In the final ten laps of the 35-lap final I came closer to Guillermo and was on his bumper in the last lap, but Guillermo covered the inside well and secured a vice-championship, a super strong weekend for him and well deserved second place. For me a third IEKC podium in four years, not a bad result given the line up of over 100 drivers, and given my kart draw I was satisfied with the final result. All in all an exciting weekend, but to be honest, the kart differences were very big and a lot of karts broke down, I'm curious to see what will happen in the future with this big international championship.

200223 eikc podium

Swedish Rental Kart Championship 2020

Ruben beats everyone but ends up second
Kungalv (Se), 2 February 2020

In the first weekend of February 2020 it was time for the Swedish Rental Kart Championship, organised at the track of Gokartcentralen in Kungalv for the second year in a row, a track with electric karts close to the large city of Gothenburg. Last year I first participated in the championship and I really enjoyed it despite just not winning the title, so I decided to come back in 2020 to have another go. On Saturday 1 February the track was open for practice heats, which were necessary as the electric karts demand a slightly different driving technique and I always have to adapt to that. I felt confident after some heats and looked forward to race day on Sunday.

200202 srkc vertrek

The championship had a nice format, including 5 qualifying heats which were divided in 3 time trials of 9 laps where only the best laptime counted, and afterwards 2 12-lap races with a hotlap qualification and 2 longcuts. In my first heat I had some strong names like Nikolaj Marsengo who finished 3rd here last year as well as Arnaud Teuwen who recently won the Racehall of Champions in Arhus. The kart differences were quite small, however I had one of the slowest ones and had to push to set a good laptime. I ended up third, which was not a good start for me, but luckily this weekend included one drop result. In the second and third heat I faced some strong names as well, including the champion of last year Erkin Bour, a very strong Swedish home driver. In these two heats I could put down the fastest laptime and score important points.

After a small lunchbreak the races started, starting from standing position with the lights. The track changed completely compared to last year, which was very nice. Overtaking however was still very difficult, so the qualification was key today. The strategic element with the longcut resulted in a laptime which was like one second slower, so also with the longcut there was not much to play around with. In my fourth heat I could take pole position by good margin and win the race without problems finishing in front of the fast Belgian driver Mathieu Detry. In my last heat I have to say that I was very unlucky. One of the karts broke down before the start of the qualification, and the kart was changed. As the replacement kart was cold, I could understand that the kart should be warmed up, but unfortunately it was the driver himself (instead of someone from the track) that was allowed to go on track of 4 or 5 laps. Now he had a huge advantage and this cost me pole position by half a tenth. As it was a very good kart as well, I could not attack him anymore in the race and finished 2nd which cost me 2 very important points.

200202 srkc ontspanning

For the semi-finals the top 24 drivers were divided in three groups of 8 and the highest ranked driver was able to choose the kart first, while not being able to pick a kart you have driven before. This was an interesting rule which I didn’t see before, and it helped me a lot today as the five best karts were all still available for me. I was in 6th place after the heats which meant I was in the same group with the championship leader which was Dylan de Wolf from Belgium after winning all his five heats. In the qualification I took pole position by a small margin, and during the 16-lap race I could consolidate the lead and only had to defend after I made my two longcuts when Dylan still had to go through the longcut. A good victory which moved me up into fourth position behind Arnaud, Erkin and Dylan, tied in points with Erkin and Dylan and only 2 behind Arnaud. It was then time for the junior final which was a close battle between a number of talented drivers, resulting in a renewal of his championship for Danish Nikolaj Marsengo. Victor Sparholt, also from Denmark, and the Belgian Rayhan Mouoya ended up in second and third place.

200202 srkc hal

Before the final race of 20 laps a knock-out qualification was planned between the best eight drivers. I first had to battle against number five from Sweden, Kim Kettunen. I won the battle and advanced to round two against the highest ranked, Arnaud. I drove two decent laps and also won my second battle, while Dylan beat Erkin. In the final matchrace I won by more than 2 tenths margin and I picked the same kart I had in the semifinal. I was super happy with my qualification laps and ready for an exciting final. The first longcut of the top 4 drivers happened relatively quickly during the race, but didn’t change anything in positions. Erkin and Dylan then went for their second longcut and Arnaud was chasing me, but we drove similar laptimes. It was exciting because all four drivers could still win the championship, but I had the control over the lead in the race. After my second longcut I came out ahead of Dylan and was on the bumper of Arnaud. He then made his last longcut and was then fighting side by side with Erkin for third place. This gave myself and Dylan a gap of a couple of seconds. It seemed to be a battle for the championship between Dylan and me now with a couple of laps to go.

Then things turned differently as Dylan decided not to go for his own title chances but sacrificed his own position and slowed down a few seconds to let Arnaud by in the final lap of the race. Now Arnaud would be tied in points with me and win the title as this time the final was not decisive but the number of wins and so on. A very disappointing move as we race an individual championship which was now massively influenced by team tactics. I know unfortunately this kind of games happen more often and I am the first to admit that in 2013 in Denmark I also tried to help my former teammate Corne by defending on a driver who made the mistake to do an early pitstop. At that time, I immediately received a black flag as it was not allowed, and it created so much badwill from spectators that since that race I never sacrificed my own position in a race to help other drivers, let’s say everyone makes mistakes.

200202 srkc podium

All in all the championship ended on a low, not only for me becoming runner up (as the 3rd place in heat 1 lost it two the 2nd place of Arnaud in heat 2, with the other 6 results being equal) after winning the battles and the final, but also for the people involved as the shine of the title was completely gone. I still want to congratulate Arnaud and Dylan on their podium, they made the level of the championship increase this year and despite the final they both drove a strong championship. Looking back at my own championship I’m still very much satisfied with my performance, both in pure speed, qualification and race force I showed to be on top of my game and there was nothing more I could do. Hopefully next year things will enroll more fair play, I hope to be back again as I have to complement organiser Glenn Gyllin and the kart track for a great event.

200202 srkc resultaat